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Our Eighth Committee is JCC which is an advanced-level committee.

Feracious fires aflame within the nation, sinister, thus tempting whispers of the devil orchestrate impending doom and the worst of all—a disease worse than others, more seducing, corrupting, and infuriating—a perplexing contradiction in thought, belief, and values: which calls the people of Spain for a particular cause derived from again a thought yet more provoking, something that has a potency to gather, influence, and force people to fight and turn them into soldiers, something that is crucial when struggling and working for your family and beloved ones, something that can change, lead and destroy one: love. Which can either be; the LOVE FOR THE NATION, or the LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE. 

The ideologies of the Nationalist and the Communist sides will determine the ultimate outcome of the inhabitants, the country, and the world. With the freedom you shall be given, act according to whatever ambitions you may have, with only one condition you have to apply during the committee: Carpe diem folks, you are completely free! 

You will change the course of history, so just wait, and you will witness a Joint Crisis Committee unlike any other.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda
Under Secretary General: Doğaç Çınar Arat
Academic Assistant: Metehan yıldırım

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