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Our sixth committee is Warsaw Pact which is an upper-intermediate level committee.

The Warsaw Pact (and in turn, the Warsaw Treaty Organization) was a collective defense treaty signed between the Soviet Union and seven other Eastern Bloc socialist republics of Central and Eastern Europe in May 1955, during the Cold War. 

On 14 May 1955, the USSR and seven other Eastern European countries consisting of Albania, Bulgaria, Czecchoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania, established the Warsaw Pact, in response to the integration of the Federal Republic of Germany into NATO. The purpose of the Pact was to prevent Central and Eastern Europe being used as a base for its enemies, since West Germany was integrated into Germany, despite it still being percieved as a threat by the member states of the Warsaw Pact.

In this committee, delegates will take decisions of strategic important, navigating foreign policy and national defense, as well as furthering their policies elsewhere. Will your actions secure a future for communism in the world?

Agenda Item: Open Agenda
Under Secretary General: Yılmaz Egemen Oflu
Academic Assistant: Emir Topcu


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